Monday, June 11, 2012

Shade Law Founder of a Bunch of Stuff

I started at Reverbnation from one question to a teacher that I still work with today.... the question was.... "HOW THE HECK DO I STOP GETTING THOSE NOTES FROM YOU TUBE ABOUT MUSIC USED???!!!!" In all seriousness this was becoming annoying to the creative process of making Short Films and Videos. You see, I retired from Warner Brothers in Burbank quite a few years back, and always from childhood loved Films and their Soundtracks. I figured since I am retired, why not give it a thrill on the Internet and see what comes of it. His answer was simple at the time to my frustrated question... "Make Your Own Music," and he gave me a link to this "Reverbnation" place and a link to "Sony Acid" which is a Music Program Site and also now is the home Site to all of my High Tech Film Programs.

Lovely I thought "what am I going to do with this stuff? Well, being relatively creative in thinking, I could see how this would stop the annoying notes from You Tube who I really like, and didn't want them to toss me out behind copyright infringements. I began my daunting study with Derek of Feed The Fire Films and others [notably P. Eric Bailey Cinematic Music Producer], to try to fit the pieces together. I knew I had a grasp of what my Business Partner of Striking Concept Films-Video [Jodie P. Floss] taught me about Web Design and Conceptual presentation, and I had a grasp of what Susan Peck taught me about strong back linking and SEO.... But this! This was quite different. This was an exposure of my deeper sense of my being and heart. This was Music, and there is no hiding from emotions here. No BS if one goes deep enough into the textures of sound and what invokes those textures.

Well I was a year into Reverbnation and I was spurred on to ask my Friends their to join with me at Devotions Recording. I really didn't think they would say YES. Really I didn't, I expected to shut down Striking Concept-Devotions Recording within a week from no response. But within Minutes four showed up and not just any four The TOP in their filed of Music. Mike Heartman, Noise Flower, Beatmistresscait and Ryo Utasato showed up. Well that restarted my journey Big Time, every since then I have created more of a presence (that I can create) for my Artists-Friends and myself. These creations from Music to Short Films to Videos even to [Official Commercials] has all been to promote the very BEST in Music and Film.  The very BEST of what I Love created from Love. Enjoy it all feel free to Subscribe to this Blog, Follow the Artists here at their Reverbnation Sites, purchase anything you enjoy, download anything that is Free from the Artists here, and have FUN! Most of all "do what you Love and everything else is gravy."

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  1. I would like to say the artists here are all the best!

    1. Thank you for your kindness and stopping by Blessings Love