Saturday, June 23, 2012


Devotions Recording Admins and I are not just all work and no play, and least not me... I do a lot of PR, Film, and Music work, and my close Friend Patti keeps me in humor when all else fails to get me to take breaks. Breaks that require being away from what I am doing now. Blogging, which is one more tool to help my Artists grow and my Readers understand more about the hearts of Artists. Mmmmmm I might be getting to old for this...  anywayyyyyy I digressed.

Patti and I are close in age so this of course made both of us roll on the floor. YEP I for sure LMAO and almost peed myself! It got me to thinking though, how much we take ourselves too seriously in our work. It becomes too technical and then winds up becoming lack luster to say the least. So for the Tip Of The Day I suggest, do the last thing on the chore list and get offline. I mean really folks stay on line all day [and night] something might be a bit wrong with that.... Six hour Events, chatting with their friends, or building stuff [like WebSites, Blogs, Reviews, or Sales Tickets]. The Internet is a great tool folks, but really let's not overdue it, or we just might forget who WE really are. Get a good nights rest older Ladies... all is well with your Grand-kids. Blessings and have a Great weekend!

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