Wednesday, June 20, 2012

P Eric Bailey Producer – Engineer – Musician - Friend

Classical / Alternative / New Age… P. Eric Bailey primarily produces music for the film industry. He dose however, collaborate with his musical friends from around the world at Reverbnation. On occasion P. Eric Bailey will post these collaborations on his Profile at Reverbnation. He his contributed to my song “Someone Save Me” with a live Orchestra of which he conducted, he has  and still does work with BillyD in engineering his work, and continues to work with Artists around the world because to Phill, “Music is the great peacemaker in the world.” Music crosses all barriers, races, religions, and if you let the Music move through your heart... all political and social concerns. 

A humble man P. Eric Bailey makes no pretenses or puts on any sort of airs. This gentle soul has but one heart, and it is for a world that needs more Love instead of what is being presented.  He communicates best with this Love through his dynamic presentation of Music. His newest Album “Caught in The Milky Way” takes you on a journey of what could be, if Peace were the method of operation instead of being…. “Addicted To Lies.” We all have a passion that is never addressed; many of us are doing what is contrary to what we really desire deeply to do. We have become addicted to our own lies, let alone the lies we might tell each other to feel better about ourselves. In his Album “Caught in The Milky Way” he and Billy D collaborate on a song called “How I Feel…” and that’s what “Caught in The Milky Way” is really about… feelings and getting back to ones own inner feelings. Can you let go of the past? Move toward a future? Start Over? If you need encouragement than P. Eric Bailey’s Album and his Music in general is definitely what you’re looking for.

P. Eric Bailey also worked on the “Timeless” project where 7 of us came together to blend textures for an Album of the world for the world.

DevotionsRecording is so deeply grateful that this man, this professional, this dear Friend has come aboard my little adventure. And I am also grateful that he took me under his wing and educated me right before I participated in The First IndieChannel Music competition of 2012. The Song “Fire” and “Judgment By Shade Law spoken By Snordelhans” was scored, balanced, engineered correctly enough for me to be Nominated for both.


Judgment” was the Video is nominated for Best Video under $5000.00 and “Fire” for best Soundtrack. I would like to add that Derekof Feed The Fire Films has secured my foundation with Video-Film work with my program Sony “Vegas Movie Studio HD” enough for me to brave these new waters. I am completely kissed by God with good quality Friends as the ones I have at Devotions Recording. So, go visit P. Eric Bailey, you owe yourself a wonderful experience. For now listen and relax. 

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