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Saturday, June 9, 2012


DANZ is a Producer, singer & song writer. She has been creating, composing, mixing and producing music, for 13 years now. For Danz music has been a form of therapy, another language that describes her deepest feelings, life experiences, desires and thoughts. Music is an expression of one’s deeper self, of which Danz goes deep within the textures of herself with her work and touches those around her work.

The more you are in touch with your inner self , the more creative you will get .

This is the song that caught my attention to ask humbly for Danz Dma to come to DevotionsRecording deep and with her interwoven complexities of Music and style well heck if you had a label you would ask her too so there hehehehe EnJoY


Special thanks to SIBOM for his beautiful work on the sound mastering for Danz.
Thank you SIBOM from Danz DMA.