Saturday, September 22, 2012

I have been invited to: Submit Your Video to the 2013 Neuro Film Festival

Well here is an update, got invited to the "Brain Foundation" to compete in their Video contest for this cause of sharing about any brain injuries like strokes, MS, and others are sharing about being damaged in the wars. So I did the score to the short film let you all know when its all put together. My films score is called "A Moment In Time" and will tell the story about me and Multiple Sclerosis it features percussion By Ryo Utasato and also briefly features Nancy B. Berggren. The instrumental (with out me speaking) is now at Reverbnation. Thank you for your kind support and I also personally thank Rev. Nancy and Ryo Utasato for their work in this production. Bellow is the invite from the Foundation. 

"Submit Your Video to the 2013 Neuro Film Festival

As a Neurology Now® magazine subscriber, you understand the important role research plays in finding cures for brain disease. Help us raise awareness by submitting a short video to the 2013 Neuro Film Festival®, telling your story about why more research is needed. Winners could receive up to $1,000 and a trip to San Diego to see their film shown at the Neuro Film Festival on Friday, March 22, 2013. 

Video entries should be no more than five minutes in length and include the phrase “Let’s put our brains together to cure brain disease. Visit” Complete contest rules and a video showing how to submit to the Neuro Film Festival are available on the Neuro Film Festival's website. The deadline to enter your video is January 31, 2013.

Now in its fourth year, the Neuro Film Festival is a contest by the American Brain Foundation, the foundation for the American Academy of Neurology, designed to raise awareness about why more research is needed to find cures for brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, autism, and Parkinson’s disease. Since 2010, nearly 300 videos have been submitted to the Neuro Film Festival along with thousands of votes cast from the public for their favorite entries."

This is a contest that I am not really interested in winning but sharing another aspect of dealing with living with MS and what I do to function with with a brain illness. Sure the money would be great, but I think what this Foundation is doing to encourage so many levels of the many aspects of brain illness issues is Profound. After writing the score for the short film I found myself somewhat in amazement that I could maybe express why sometimes I can't get things done that maybe should get done. At least I understand more why I can't get certain things done. Nancy had sent me a "forgiveness" affirmation to use for ME lol. Yeah sometimes I am just too hard on myself. The Music was enough to place me in touch with my own frustration and sadness that is within me. Ahhhhhh but their is always that glimmer of hope in my Music, which shows up in Ryo's percussion and Nancy's two liner speaking YES! Saved by the Bell O Hope. LOL.I hope you all enjoy the Score it's under 5min and yes Jodie I read the specks requirements hehehehe.

Blessings to ALL

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