Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guitar Center's Drum-Off '12 with Devotions Recording Artist Noise Flower as one of the Judges

One of the most spectacular events is coming up soon. The 2012 Guitar Drum-Off Competition is happening with hundreds of Drummers from around the nation will compete in this famed competition. 
On August 1, 2012 -  you need to Sign up now! This nationwide search for the top undiscovered drummer in the country is back for its 24th year, and here is what you have to do! Head into your local Guitar Center to sign up for your chance to win a grand prize worth over $50,000 and the coveted title of Guitar Center's 2012 Drum-Off champion. The grand prize includes $25,000 cash, a custom drum kit, complete set of cymbals, drumheads, and sticks, endorsement deals, a deluxe Shure drum mic pack, TD-30 electronic kit & SPD-SX from Roland, a 2013 NAMM VIP experience, and more. 

Sign up for one of the prelims happening on September 11th, September 18th, or September 25th. There are only 10 spots per store and they fill up quick so don't wait, sign up now! Be sure to take a look around at the site for details on how the competition works, the official rules, and prizing, plus videos and photos from past grand finals events. And now here is the exciting news about one of our Artists in regards to this amazing event.

Our own Noise Flower is going to be one of the Judges for this entire event! I just wish to say as the Founder of Devotions Recording.... WE ARE SO DAMN PROUD OF YOU from the Founder to your Peers!!!  YOU GO GIRL!!!

We wish all of the Drummers participating Good Luck and the Host of this amazing event Guitar Center and it Sponsors loads of success!!!!

Please check out Guitar Centers Video Ad on Striking Concept-Films-Video Blog.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Possessed car alarm Key fob By Dave-Lee Zaelon


Picture this, it’s 4am, the alarm clock rings, you pick it up and throw it across the room, as you do every morning and it lands on the floor still ringing, it’s time to go to work, you walk across the room, pick the clock up, turn it off and set it down on the bedside table, you walk to the window draw the curtains and look out, to find it’s raining cats and dogs.

You know this because of the meowing and the barking as they go past, to land on the ground with a howl.

Oh you have to be joking!
With this you think, it’s going to be a strange day, you go into the bathroom, lather your face pick up your razor and have a shave, then you wash your face and get soap in your eyes, you immediately bend down to pick up the towel off the rail and bang your head on the bathroom cabinet above, with a howl and cursing the cabinet you wipe the soap out of your eyes and off your face, while turning and stubbing your toe on the toilet bowl, you hop around the bathroom like a kangaroo, swearing and shouting, you hobble back into the bedroom, cursing and get dressed.

You go downstairs to the kitchen to make breakfast, you decide to have toast with coffee, while making the coffee the toast begins to burn, you grab the toast out of the toaster, burning your fingers as you throw it into the bin.

It’s now 4:45am, you grab your car key fob and keys, wincing with the pain of burnt fingers, go out to your car and press the Key fob to unlock the car, the doors unlock and immediately the car alarm goes off, you press the fob again to silence the alarm, it stops, then starts again, you press it again and it stops, you get in, put the key in the ignition, turn the key, the engine fails to start and the alarm goes off, again, pressing the key fob stops the alarm and proceeds to lock all the doors while you’re in the car and can’t get out, you panic and press the fob again to unlock the doors, the doors unlock and yes, the alarm goes off, it’s now 5:00am and lights are being switched on in the houses along the road, you try frantically to turn it off, at last it stops, you turn the key again and the engine starts, you breathe a sigh of relief and start to move off into the middle of the road and yes, the alarm goes off again and the engine stops. You grab the fob and start pressing it, all the doors lock; it’s now 5:15am.

But now you’re stuck in the middle of the road not being able to move and half the road is up and out wondering what the racket is, one of your neighbors comes over to your car, he’s built like a gorilla, you gingerly wind your window down he snarls “FIX IT” you explain what is wrong and he snatches the key fob from you and presses it, the doors unlock and the alarm stops, you get out and stand there in bewilderment and thank your neighbor, with a growl he turns and walks away.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A look at Two Major Productions

 So as the waves of life are kicking my but from one end of my life to another, so I go to what saves me, music and film. I finally give up on the AC, it died again propelling me into a crying fit and pretty much just sacked me into being wiped out. So you know when your pretty much beat up, right? Yeah when your so called friends won't take your call LOL. Then your mind clicks and reminds you of those who will take your call no matter your state of being. That's when you just have to say, those that hang in, from start to finish, get the full impact of what you have to offer at the good end. Somehow the work has to go on, rather I am here or not, dose not matter, the work goes on. And it's pretty much the same all around the world, life goes on rather your involved or not. The good lesson here is this, give what you can when you can, make a note of who sincerely appreciates the gifts [you will need that later when you do get up from up under that wave], forgive yourself for possibly over extending yourself, and have the guts to simply move on with no regrets.

Rarely do I get to work with the very BEST in what they do and combine my talents of either editing or film production or my own Music with a project and person I really like. Nancy B' is quite talented in her own right. An Author, a  successful Actress, and a Life Coach-Speaker for New Thought as well as Companies who need a wayyyy better direction of implementing compassion, Love, respect, and fairness in their policies toward their employees. Nancy has been their for me since I created fully my first company "Triune Publications Seminars and Design." I'm still implementing many of the ideas I got from her to Striking Concept Films-Videos, Knight Productions4 [Social Concerns Films] and yeah Devotions Recording. I'm pretty happy at what I do but now I think I have to upgrade before the waves of life take my ass out. So I will be looking at a whole bunch of stuff on the ever pain in the butt [sometimes] Practical side that must be done.

When I wrote the song "Gun Cocked and Loaded" it was from a sense of feeling abandoned, and then Nancy sent me over to listen to her Lecture at NoHo New Thought. I realized that her Lecture was not only for those students but for folks struggling with Depression and a radical change in life's friendships, goals, and needed inner outlook and acceptance of what might have to be changed in order to grow. Things picked up a bit in my life starting with the Air Conditioner getting fixed. Now it's Sunday and the AC went down again right after I finished the short film "Beyond the Wave." Yes it kinda threw me back into the deep end again, but now with both projects up, finished and in my opinion.... stunning, I can say... I did my part and it's damn good, and it will help someone down the road if not now. Now I can also state with a clear intention... it really is time to take care of myself.... fully.... before I take care of any body else' needs, wants or desires. I also wish to thank some other folks who stick by me no matter what....

Many thanks to my Guest in this short film. Guest Film Footage By: Heretic Productions-SnordelhansFeed THE FIRE FILMS you can also find Feed The Fire Films at his Website, Raven Productions Tutorials,  and Nancy B' Live for her talk at NoHo. You can purchase the soundtracks at Sound Click and soon at ITunes. I also want to thank those who have taken the time to donate to this Blog's work and to Striking Concept's Blog [you know who you are] it was YOU who helped me get a AC wall unit for my Friends room to keep her lungs going and her oxygen unit cool. I wish to publically thank Jodie P Floss my Friend and Business Partner, and Ryo Utasato for their kind donations as well. I also wish to thank Dave Lee Zaelon for taking the calls and Patti as well, sometimes you just need to hear a voice at the other end of the phone. So I am off to go get some serious funding from somewhere because I refuse to go without again, and I want to be ready to pay it forward when the time comes when someone else runs into the same situation. Wish me luck and have a GREAT Day! Dave may take up the slack with some more cool stories of his. Hope so their quite funny, well to me anyway LOL. ATTENTION DEVOTIONS RECORDING ARTISTS you can help also, keep sharing the work here THANKS!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The life span of a golf ball - What Would It Feel Like If


There are times when Shade is doing a lot behind the scene, she's in the process of healing from heatstroke and dealing with some financial issues that a "key logger" caused to her Pay-Pal and CHASE accounts, so she asked me to write some humorous stuff..... I like writing these interesting antidotes about inanimate objects and other  "what would it fell like if...?"  What can I say, this is the best Label to be with, and I will do what I can do to help our Founder. Sooooo, As promised, the golf ball story, enjoy.


I'm round, I sit nice and quiet in a box, then I get picked up and put on top of something, then I get struck with something which sends me through the air at terrific speed, I land and then roll along for a while, then I get hit again and land in a hole. What am I?

I'll save you

I'm a bloody golf ball, who sits in a box nice and quiet, doing no harm to anyone, then some neanderthal comes along, puts me on what is called a tee and beats my brains in with a club, I then travel 2,3,400 yards at high speed with my skull crushed, landing with a jolt and rolling a few yards getting dizzy and sick, then I get a headache when I'm hit again with another club, just to land in a hole full of water, where I drown.

Grrrr Must Win!

Tell me what harm did I ever do to you ham-fisted golfers.

I sit nice and quiet in a nice warm box, doing no harm to anyone and you lot come along and beat the living shit out of me, then drown me to death.
All in the name of golf........why?
PS: I've put it through spell check, just in case Cait reads it lol