Saturday, May 4, 2013

Once Upon A Time

Derek G

Once upon a time in the Music realm, there was this chick, oh yea that would be me. This chick LOVES making Videos and attaching Music with them. Ever the student and always learning new stuff this chick ran into the RULES of You Tube Enforcers! They say... "Hey Chick! Stop using this Music or we will shut you down!" Very frightened by the Enforcers of Video and Films she runs to her Friend Derek G, and says "Hey D' what should I do." D' says don't sweat it do your own Music and the Enforcers will shut the hell up. The chick then says, but I don't have any keyboards or technical stuff to do Music. The D' ever so cool and never frazzled threw two links at the chick, one for Sony Vegas and another for Reverbnation, and calmly says go for it, if you need help let me know.  


A brand NEW world this chick enters full of NEW adventures after working her way up to Sony Vegas for Films and Video and adding Sony Acid [for Music] to her arsenal of creativity. Ever the helpful person, Derek of Feed The Fire Films, was always there for her to help her with developing her craft if she needed it. At that time the chick set up her profile at Reverbnation, and had lots of questions and lots of doubt. Comfortable with the Music she wrote for Film she was never quite comfortable with a format that shared her Music with the world so to say. She wondered if anyone would understand it or like her Music. She also wondered if anyone would really consider her an actual Musician.

And then she met five major Friends that would help her through this amazing process... All of these Friends are accomplished well disciplined Musicians, who not only helped her on her way but, shared her work with their Friends. These kind Musicians are Mike Heartman who was her very first Friend at Reverbnation, Noise Flower, Zaelon, Ryo Utasato, P Eric Bailey [who co wrote her second version of "Somebody Save Me,"] and the ever sought after Beatmistresscait who promoted the hell our of the chick.

From Top Left to Right Mike Heartman, Noise Flower, Zaelon, Ryo Utasato and Beatmistresscait