Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time to Think Beyond Yourself

One of the most amazing writers in Blogging history is Sachin Kate. His story is amazing as an Entrepreneur. Strong in both Business and Social Concerns, his Blog has branched out to encompass proper diet, legal work from home guides,his favorite videos, reviews and many more high standard writings. But this one story caught my attention as some of our Devotions Recording Artists have opted in to assist the Reverbnation's "Music For Good" program to assist helping folks around the world through various programs [i.e: hunger etc]. 

Sachin has written about "Help a child reach 5" it includes a powerful Video with a very strong mission statement whose purpose is quite clear. It's time to stand togehter as one world if any of us is going to make it. Please check out his work and also check out Devotions Recording's NEW Artist....

Vittorio Gerlini Jp

Our New Artist is an ITALIAN MUSICIAN,LIVING IN JAPAN - PRODUCER / SINGER / SONGWRITER / plays the PIANO / GUITAR / BASS / KEYBOARDS and is WORKING IN TV SHOWS-COMMERCIALS as a SINGER and ACTOR. We are most honored for our reopening to acquire such talent. This short Article represents the NEW Consciousness of two well crafted skills.... writing and music. In our beautiful world there truly is room for all expression.

Now is the time to work for the Good of our World

Saturday, March 9, 2013

What Music Can Do

What One Email Can Do

In this day and age we tend to forget those around us. It's 2013 what new things can we reach for together as the "conscious race of humans?" Reverbnation has some answers and those who want to participate you can do so easily. Now is the time, give it a try, why not? All of my songs being sold in this program have little cute hearts by them :0)

We Can Make A Difference