Thursday, August 16, 2012

The life span of a golf ball - What Would It Feel Like If


There are times when Shade is doing a lot behind the scene, she's in the process of healing from heatstroke and dealing with some financial issues that a "key logger" caused to her Pay-Pal and CHASE accounts, so she asked me to write some humorous stuff..... I like writing these interesting antidotes about inanimate objects and other  "what would it fell like if...?"  What can I say, this is the best Label to be with, and I will do what I can do to help our Founder. Sooooo, As promised, the golf ball story, enjoy.


I'm round, I sit nice and quiet in a box, then I get picked up and put on top of something, then I get struck with something which sends me through the air at terrific speed, I land and then roll along for a while, then I get hit again and land in a hole. What am I?

I'll save you

I'm a bloody golf ball, who sits in a box nice and quiet, doing no harm to anyone, then some neanderthal comes along, puts me on what is called a tee and beats my brains in with a club, I then travel 2,3,400 yards at high speed with my skull crushed, landing with a jolt and rolling a few yards getting dizzy and sick, then I get a headache when I'm hit again with another club, just to land in a hole full of water, where I drown.

Grrrr Must Win!

Tell me what harm did I ever do to you ham-fisted golfers.

I sit nice and quiet in a nice warm box, doing no harm to anyone and you lot come along and beat the living shit out of me, then drown me to death.
All in the name of golf........why?
PS: I've put it through spell check, just in case Cait reads it lol


  1. Thank you Shade for putting this up, I Love the cartoons you have put with it and Caits track is perfect.

  2. Your welcome Love... Yeah if you play Cait's song while reading the story it's really effectual :0)