Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blanket the World With Love

The third and final production with Nancy B and myself is now complete. I would like to write about what keeps love going when your world seems to be falling apart. You see yesterday wasn't a good day. After the Government decided to take out $300.00 from my social security to pay for Medicare well I had to shut down the label at Reverbnation.Ahhhhh but I am no idiot, this is exactly why I backlinked to these fine Artists Profiles at Reverbnation and very little to the Label itself.

Face it Love is just weird sometimes. A lot is required to get up everyday and continue this silent work. This visual array. This emotional roller coaster of succeeding and maybe not succeeding can be draining. Ahhhhhh but when one does tap into the one-ness of the Love that keeps Art going no matter what.... then Friendships arrive at what they should be. Countries will arrive at responsible leaders. And the real starvation of the soul will end. 

This Journey started with a song.... "Gun Cocked and Loaded." which then fell into "Steps in Preventing Suicide" [part1] I was a bit unhinged when the air conditioning went out and then right in the middle of "Beyond The Wave" [part2] my Pay-Pal and Chase were attacked. Yet the work gets done, is it Love???? Yes it is. Almost at the end of "Blanket the World With Love" [part3] the Gov plays games with my money.  Does it hurt to shut down part of your heart, you bet it does, closing Devotions Recording at Reverbnation really hurt. But Love will carry me out of this. Yesterday I received a really cool gift from Noise Flower... a song written for me. I think she actually caught my soul, you see I am one of the few that can actually live in utter darkness and still find beauty in it.  That's what the Flower caught. I want to thank everyone who has stood with me during these dark times. Because it won't be dark for much longer, not with this heart, and not with this mind's vision.


Music By Shade Law Available at Sound Click

Noise Flower

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