Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 7th began this Journey on Blogger


Everyone has been so kind to support the Artists of Devotions Recording and now this Blog. Each number counted represents a person that cares about excellent Independent Music and Film. Thank you all for your kind support and now here is the Artists Article Views from June 7th to June 12th.

 On the right side of this Blog you will see the Articles that have moved toward the TOP three most read Articles, congratulations Andrew Skelton and Noise Flower you made it for today June 13th 2012! So please share Devotions Recording's Blog, get us out their and I will do what I have to do on this end.... all help is deeply appreciated. Remember those on Google+ get in quicker to Subscribe on the "Followers" but those who wish to subscribe by email we have you covered as well. Your email is never shared by this Blog or Blogger. Again thanks for your support and Have A great Day!

Song For The Day BY Mark Hovet

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