Monday, June 11, 2012

Music of Enlightenment and Truth Beatmistresscait

Beatmistresscait takes you on a journey of powerful proportion. She is a Producer using the high tech Ableton, a former DJ who rocks the floor, she now rocks the Film-Video world... and beyond. Those who know Soundtrack Music want her work -if- they have a brain in their head. Cait's music is riveting and commands an audience of every age. Proficient in Electronica / Experimental / Jazz / Beats as well as... Soundtack Cinema... her digital flow gently pulls the viewer into the reality of that real or created moment for Film. She's worked with both Striking Concept Films-Video and the ever demanding "Knight Productions4" the Social Concerns Film Production Company. Ireland should be proud of this amazing woman, she's fiery, exotic, and rhythmic, Beatmistresscait is a spell binder of sound and a perfectionist with music textures. Devotions Recording is deeply honored to have Cait on our Roster. Enjoy and be very amazed:


  1. Devotions artists like Cait have introduced me to a new sonic world of creative expression.

    1. I so Love Cait, thanks Fred for popping in Love, your kind support is always welcomed! <3