Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reverbnation Home of Brilliance-Devotions Recording Home of Success

I am proud to present Frank Weyzig, Founder of "Turmoil Music." He is a producer, musician, and visionary. Frank and his team have assisted many an Artist to reach the quality they so desire, a compassionate Soul-Frank desires to see his friends succeed and at the same time reach the pentacle of excellence in sound, composition, and arrangement. His discussions at his WebSite provide an inside view into the Industry Standard, yet teaches folks how to arrive at keeping their own individual unique sound. Frank himself is a Member of Reverbnation and number one in his field of musical compositions. The man is full of wisdom, takes care to detail, and has a deep awareness of everyone being able to succeed if... they have the proper attitude and tools. If you are a Reverbnation Artist and are serious about wanting to succeed, then please take a look at his WebSite (a review will take place before acceptance occurs due to his very high standards). I was so surprised that Frank said yes to joining my Label [Devotions Recording]. Awhile back I was honored to be invited to his prestigious Site. Frank has many projects going and many collaborations yet, still finds the time to keep his Members updated, and supports their Independent Projects. many thanks to Frank for all of his lessons on presentation. He certainly has been a great Friend and his is a killer Musician... EnJoY his most Profound collaboration Project and visit is Profile at Reverbnation:

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