Saturday, June 23, 2012

Research and Devlopment in the World Called The Internet

Success, what is it in relation to the Internet? On Facebook it may be the number of Friends, Likes, Groups like "I Like It" where Andrew Skelton's Radio Show is followed heavily by, or Shares. On You Tube it is the Subscribers and Film-Video hits. On Internet "Shows" it is carrying an Audience of Listeners. But what is success for Blogs?

Two performance levels gauge Blogs. If advertisers are interested in attaching to the Blogs (click through rates are shown in both Google Analytics and Google Adsense also dealt with by Google). And if Readers find the Blogs to their liking and further subscribe. So ya have this "Blog." Most find Blogs irritating at best and non-relational to their needs at most, ohhhhh not good. Why do certain Blogs rock the Blogisphire charts and others plummet into oblivion? Writing is key to Blogging, if your a good Writer and can convey your thoughts well, you should do ok. If it's just blaa-blaa-blaa for the sake of getting out "whatever" then no your Blog is boring. Enter what most folks do not do!!!! RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT! 

The phrase research and development (also known as R and D or R&D), according to the OECD, refers to "creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications".[1]

Research and development is often scientific or toward the development of particular technologies and is frequently carried out as corporate or governmental activity.

Ok that's a bunch of blaa, blaa, blaa let's break this down. A) GOOD WRITING... Your a good Writer so ya pass the first step of "being able to convey your message well to others, without being able to speak to them directly [remember this is a Blog-Writing] the readers cannot hear your intentions." What is need now is B, C, D, and E so let's hit it!

If A) is being a good Writer... then B is simple.... Knowledge, be knowledgeable about what your talking about. RESEARCH what you do not know! RESEARCH your Audience! Develop very strongly your Knowledge Base about said topic. 

Face it it's quite embarrassing when a friend ask you to share something, and you don't want to because it's all over the place. This goes right into C) DEVELOPMENT: Creative Development. This is just not for Business, this is for Artists everywhere no matter their craft. What's your Audience like, more Graphics, some Videos, some core substantiation that you know what the hell your talking about? All of these "emotional gauges" [because Blogs that are successful touch the mind and heart] also play into presenting a good Blog where your Readers are not bored out of their minds! So get with understanding how to connect with Film-Video Makers, Writing Coaches, and Graphic Artists to spruce thing up a bit. Develop - develop - develop your CONCEPT'S INTENTIONS.

Yes this leads right into D) CONCEPT and it's INTENTION if you walk into an Art Gallery the Concept will either attract you or push you away... why? It goes to the bottom-line what is the Intention of the show? What is the Concept and your Intention of the Blog? It should be quite evident from it's presentation from Banner to Side Bar Information to Articles themselves. A Blog is like a Gallery of Events. Only Written. Which leads to the Final step E...

E) CONNECTION-KEY WORDS.  If your not placing you name in your Key Words, then your asking Google to leave you in the dust of "key words that die along the wayyyyy." Your Name is a Brand, your Companies Name is a Brand, if your a Label YOUR ARTISTS are a BRAND. Therefore to get those little Spiders attention the body of your story should include the key words of the Topic and include related Brands or Affiliates to the Brand. I.E: Andrew Skelton is a Devotions Recording Artist. His Affiliation is not only with Devotions Recording but "I Like It" on Facebook because of his Radio Show hosted and pushed by "I Like It" on Facebook. So my intention is set towards the end of this Article, as well as it's information. Here at the end is when I set the intention into the Spider world of Google with Key Words, I connect further and attach to larger Articles of this nature to mine with backlinks and Key Words. 

And now I will connect even further to this wonderful man with one of his Songs, realizing that if the readers enjoy the full package of information of the Article, they may enjoy even further the Music of Andrew and yes there might even be a sale for him. You see my readers know that because they have followed the Articles here and elsewhere and particularly know my style of writing and presentation. So for you new readers EnJoY have Fun and links are always provided if you enjoy a Devotions Recording Artist.

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