Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Noise Flower the Real Deal

Noise Flower is Mary Anderson (creating music with catchy, tingly, often minimalistic qualities bound to make you dance or just dig it in) and Karin Beckérus (completing the songs with vocal arrangements, lyrics and voice). Karin joined Mary in august 2010 and the joint adventure has just begun!

But then there is Noise Flower as Noise Flower… here is an explosion of music at it’s finest. Beats that arouse the senses, textures of hidden notes that captivate the body, and subtleties that move the soul into other realms of being or thought. Perfect for Sountrack her Music takes on the initiative that makes one follow the scene all the way to its conclusion. Noise Flower worked with Jodie P. Floss and Shade Law directly in Jodie’s powerful, educational Short Film for taking care of Elderly dental needs. Talk about waking up a bored Staff, the short film was a success and helps health care providers expand their horizons of caring for the Elderly.

Noise Flower then went on to assist Shade in a KnightProduction Social Concern Short Film that supported “ending greed.” The project was a 7 short film project called “Microcosm the World Event” hosted at You Tube and Facebook. 7 Artists [Beatmistresscait, Andrew Skelton, Ryo Utasato, P.Eric Bailey, Zaelon, and Shade Law] participated in this series; each Artist had a section of Film to work with, each texture of Film intense in nature, and each having a message to end greed before the World goes extinct from greed. With each project that Noise Flower takes on she grows in depth, quality, and production. She’s AWESOME so lean back and relax into what is Noise Flower and you bet Devotions Recording is most honored to have her on our Roster:


  1. Noiseflower is one of my most favorite groups

  2. Hi Love good to see you, yeah she's dear to my heart too. Thanks Fred it's so good to hear from you Love <3 <3 <3