Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spoken Word as a Genre

Emanating passion both on the printed page and on stage, our roster of poetry and spoken word speakers have inspired countless audiences while playing key roles in movements for social change. Their energetic presentations are guaranteed to invigorate, inspire, and create an enduring memory for audiences. Leading speakers of the world generally are Poets or Writers at heart, their passion is to educate, uplift, inform, inspire, and help move a society or world into a better mindset. When you place Music into the mix you now have "Spoken Word as a Genre." Accepted by Reverbnation honestly when I started working with....
The Heretic – Snordelhans.
  All of his work is original material, it is... for lack of a better term... protest dialogue. He chooses writers from across the globe whose work is powerful and contemporary. Occasionally one comes up against true genius, like Les Visible, and then for me their is  Snordelhans. It is truth and knowledge with good music, especially chosen by Snordelhans himself for his intense research, study and productions, it's ArtAttack Reportage. Without the writers, he would be silent. Thanks to them [the writers] he speaks, and thanks to him most of us listen, hopefully before it's too late. And now a Short Film By The Heritic-Snordelhans. 
YES you bet, Devotions Recording IS most Honored to have this man on our Roster.

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