Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Dynamic Duo Michael Hartman and the Appendages and Mark Hoevet

Truly a man with a sense of humor, yes when you visit his ReverbnationProfile ya get this Bio; “congratulations!! You’re the 100,000th person to visit this site!! You’ve won a zircon encrusted spatula!!!! simply click here, answer a few hundred simple questions, give me all of your personal information i.e. bank account number, social security number, all credit card information including routing numbers, and mother's maiden name. As soon as I receive that information, the spatula will be headed straight to your door!!” 

Mike was my very first Friend at Reverbnation and he is a hoot! His Music isn’t bad either, his band is actually himself hence... Michael Hartman AND the Appendages as he plays all of the instruments himself… and he sings too! His newest Album is also available at his Reverbnation Store.

Mike also collaborates with an extremely talented young gentleman Mark Hoevet who came on board with Devotions Recording in our first year. Now Mark’s Bio makes a bit more sense here. Mark is a Musician\songwriter from Central Nebraska. Many of Mark’s influences, leans towards the electronic Pop\rock genre without losing the versatility of different sounding material. A variety of his songs have a different influence and sound... After many years of traveling and playing in many different style bands, he’s content with writing and recording at his home studio.

Mark has a broad range of music interests and heroes. He likes anything done well, and appreciates many different artists and bands and their talent. Mark is not zeroed in on listening or writing one type of music and is very versatile. Everything you hear is done by Mark on his Korg Triton 76 and Yamaha MO8 keyboards and recorded in his 32trk basement studio, a pretty basic set up that in my opinion yields amazing work. I was so amped when I got to do a Video for these guys! So here it is…

Mike Heartman
Mark Hoevet


  1. In being called the "Dynamic Duo" Mike would be Batman although much wittier and I'd be Robin, even though I wanted to be wolverine...Working with Mike is a true pleasure and I'm very lucky to be good friends with him..Many songs, I've sent the music to him and in a couple of days he sends back a whole song with beautiful lyrics, and those wonderful vocals he has...It's been a journey that isn't over yet...And if it wasn't for Shade, and Jodie and the hard work they've done the exposure wouldn't be there..So a big thanks from me to Mike, Shade and Jodie and the rest of the artists from Devotions Recording, all of them are outstanding artists an people!!! Cheers!! Mark

  2. LOL good on you Mark coming in as "anonymous" then signing your name, your a hoot! Much thanks to you and Mike for your continued work with Devotions Recording and Striking Concept Films-Video. Without good material we would not be doing any of this. Blessings Love.