Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Is Copyright Infringement Another Way To End International Communications

While working on statistical data for Devotions Recording Artists and getting over a severe case of heatstroke [there is no Global Warming pay no attention to everyone around you having heart infractions] Ryo gave me a call and was very upset and concerned. It would seem Japan is launching a device for the Internet that would create a buffer of sorts that actually spies on it's citizens and secures their download history. With the data obtained, they can now arrest their citizens for "copyright infringement" if what they secure is found to be obtained from Music Sites, ITunes, You Tube, or anywhere that has a "photo," sound-music, or film-video content deemed to be "belonging to the entertainment industry etc." Ohhhhh let me count the many Composer's of You Tube in where You Tube has stated "their song" belongs to said "Industry." Let me count the ways where Film Collaborations go array as well [where two or more are gathered in joy and Bliss, to create wonderful music or film, those overseers on the Internet create more BS...]. But, I digress. Enter...

Anonymous you know those guys with the funny computer voices that rant and rave and don't get much done, yes them. Really they are as bad as the governments themselves sometimes. They are shielded in great mystery and they are the ones that no Government fears... and pretty much no regular person who has laid their bodies on the line [like the 99% of Occupy Wallstreet] take them seriously. But there they were on Japan's side of the Net making empty noises and pretty much scaring the heck out of my Friend Ryo.  So what is really going on with Copyright Infringement, and to what extent is this search real? First let's go to a reputable publication, sayyyyy, I Know "The New York Times" yes... they will do. It would appear that laws are cracking down and are quite severe all over the world. BUT WHO STARTED THIS and WHY!!! "...the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized the Web site Megaupload... [well there goes MY educational classes in Film from SENTIENTMIND] ...and charged seven people connected with it with running an international enterprise based on Internet piracy." 


So how to approach this??? What do "honest folks do" who are just trying to make music with one another, teach classes on Adobe or Vegas Pro, or create Seminars where data will be shared...  When the budinskies keep sticking their noses in our work, and determine that it really isn't our work, now what? Joining ASCAP and larger Organizations like BMI greatly help. Here you can get your Licensing and IRSC numbers straight.

You must cover your work as it would seem that even Twitter is on board with allowing privacy intrusions... 

US government leads Twitter data requests ByMatt Warman

The American Government made nearly 700 requests for Twitter user data, compared to just 11 from the UK.

The report follows a long-running, similar process from Google, and reveals for the first time the numbers of government requests received for user information; government requests received to withhold content; and official take-down notices received from copyright holders. 

So will Blogs disappear, will sharing now become a crime, will Indie Music now become a hassle to work with our International Artists Friends from around the world??? It's all quite annoying because now what will happen with the Companies like Native Instruments? Will we, the small Labels and growing Artists, be able to continue to work with them and their "samples?" Or is one more thing going to become "for the elite only?" I'm not sure, what I am sure of is this. Align yourself with bigger guns like ASCAP and BMI and get the IRSC numbers that will protect your work, and if your working with someone it will protect both of you. Music has completely changed over the years, but one thing is true, as I sit here on "Independence Day" and write this... for the USA to involve themselves and entrench themselves so deeply in everyone's business is appalling. Why do I say this? Because we started this crap and it is beyond ridiculous considering it is US Companies that designed "down loadable programs" for Music, Film-Videos, and related Industry products. Was it a trap all along? We will never know, so share.... share like never before. Educate yourself about your own Countries Laws. Educate your Friends. Be aware of what is around you and who really wants to work as a team for the good of everyone in the world. But most of all keep writing Music, it may be our last chance to get something good into the world that last.

DANZ DMA Devotions Recording Artist

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