Saturday, July 7, 2012

If you missed this at Striking Concept Films-Video it is here I, Pet Goat II


I had no part in making this video nor am I associated with the production company and this is the only piece of work on this site that is not mine... What is it? Is it an Illuminati message? Magic to freak us out? Credits at the back end. Kyk met lang tande.

You will have to watch this vid many times to see all the symbolism, signs and hidden meaning. The word Heliofant represents the devil. Even I, Pet Goat has 9 characters, and then 11 at the end? 9/11? Coincidence? Not sure. The video length is 7:27. Date of opening of the Olympic Games. Christ on an Annubis boat? Too much stuff here, and, for my money, way too slick for a showreel. The map on the wall behind Dubya. Pins in Gulf of Mexico, New York, Oklahoma City, New Orleans and Southern Florida. The evolution line above his head, ending with the Illuminated Man. A penis shaped like a missile.Can anyone discern/analyze the faces and/or symbols that shine vaguely through the wiped out chalk? The lightning bolt that divides the brain, watched/guarded by a dragon (Ladon?) What does F=-F mean? Red crescent moon on Obamas face. Canine teeth. Purple, the color of royalty/leadership.

The autocue, LOL or 101? Heliofant homepage- Details about I, Pet Goat II- More about Heliofant-


  1. Replies
    1. Oh Susan this is the kind of Film I want to work on and I want these kinds of Films for my Artists Music work, it's STUNNING.... I wish I made it, oh well back to studding more lol.

    2. A strong and powerfull video, indicating hidden agenda's within the backgrounds, that actually pull you to the signs that are embeded within them, but only if you can see beyond it's whole content And not watch it as Just a video, excellently done.

    3. Yea it's a deep short Film for sure Zaelon... I Love the work!!! Very thoughtful indeed, well thought out for sure.