Sunday, October 28, 2012

Careful how you vote-Consequences Do Matter

It's getting quite nasty over here in the States. Civility has left the building, and the undercurrent of Orwell has entered the building. Sad to say but we are reduced to pitting lies against truth, self contentedness against the whole of a Nation, and the real issues of jobs, healthcare, senior citizens right to have what they paid into, immigration, and women's issues are skirted around like most illusions that Politicians have about those who pay their salaries. Obama is trying, but what is he really trying? And Romney, well he is straight from the dawn of the US post industrial slavery, and would like to return their toot-sweet.  So I wrote this song called "7th Degree of Separation" and not stopping there, I proceeded to write an extended score for my Knight Productions Short Film "Mitt Romney The Real Deal?"  As Art disappears from both of these Candidates minds, might as well get as much Art out as possible... soon it will be replaced with Theocracy, an Industrial reversion, and a complete dumbing down of the general populace. Truth escapes both of them really, their both quite the joke, so it really becomes again.... voting for the lessor of two evils. Sense Politics has no ethics, universal care, or regard for real people living real lives you have no real choice but to vote for the lessor of two evils and hope for the best. When you see "Mitt Romney The Real Deal?" over at Striking Concept's Blog or You Tube you will know why I had to extend the Score to my Instrumental. There is a wonderful short story their also, very thought provoking and humorous. For now the instrumental "7th Degree of Separation."

 You might want to check out these Videos as well: BoonDocks Season 1 Episode 14 "The Block Is Hot,"  Mitt Romney Leaked Fundraiser Video "Full Video," and Breaking footage : China's Brutal Labor Camps, Part 1 as only partials are used in my short Film. 

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